The Cost of UX/UI Design in 2022

Well-established digital business holders understand the necessity and importance of UX design for their digital products very well. They are aware of the cost, ROI, and large benefits of good UX design of their products as well. Here I’ll be describing the current cost of UX design. It’s hardly possible to tell a certain cost without making out the extent and complexity of the project. I’ll try to give you an approximate estimation based on some criteria which may help you figure out how much your upcoming digital product would cost.   

What exactly do you pay for?

Before calculating the cost of the UX/UI design, you need to know the complete scope of work. Let’s outline the key levels of UX/UI design development that are necessary for your users to get a functionally and aesthetically outstanding product with a super engaging user experience and attractive user interface. 


Gain a Competitive Edge over Rivals

Research is the first and most important phase of the design process. How unique and brightest a concept you bring, it will most probably fall if you skip Research. Researching targeted users’ demand and preferences, top competitors’ pros and cons, current market condition, and probable future pitfalls, are essential facts for designing a successful product. In terms of a completely new concept that has no competition, desirability, and feasibility research is a must. The research lets you foresee your product’s future probable performance in detail. 


Research takes approximately 10-100 hours or more. It depends on product complexity. 



Ensure Seamless User Experience

Based on information and data collected from research the designers dive into sketching wireframes, an architectural blueprint that represents the skeletal framework of a digital product, to create a seamless user experience with good functionality. Design is about problem-solving and not only about looks. 

Many people think that design is pictures, colors, and overall looks. Yes, this is a very important thing how it looks for aesthetic pleasure. But how it works is more important than how it looks to create a seamless user experience with functional pleasure for creating problem solutions and customer satisfaction. If your customers find your digital product not easy to use, navigate and move to the desired step, you will lose 64% of your customers, says various UX survey reports. 


Wireframes provide a clear overview of the page structure, layout, information architecture, user flow, functionality, and intended behaviors.


Get Your Product Look Polished
UI stands for user interface design. Interface design creates the first visual impression to the visitors. If a digital product can provide aesthetic pleasure to the users, it can attract users despite having some functional issues. But if users get bothered seeing the interface design, good functionalities fail to make users happy. However, we emphasize on both user experience and user interface. We create digital products that are functionally and aesthetically super pleasing.


Get Rid of Extra Expenses
A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process. It helps you to review the design with clickable functionalities and finalize the design. It is very important to reduce the cost as it is helpful to make you capable of identifying the errors and inferiors early.  

Post-release Maintenance

Listen to Your Users 

A prototype is an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process. It helps you to review the design with clickable functionalities and finalize the design. It is very important to reduce the cost as it is helpful to make you capable of identifying the errors and inferiors early.  

What affects the UX design cost

Project scale and complexity

The cost largely depends on the scale and the complexity of your project. How to detect project scale and complexity? The scale means how many screens and features are required for the project. The complexity depends on whether you choose to use native or custom elements. Each platform has its design guidelines. iOS application design tends to adhere to Human Interface Guidelines, Android – to Material design.


If you build a native design, you strictly follow the guidelines. In this case, you spend less time. However, all elements – buttons, icons, images – will have a default look. In turn, the custom design requires more time and effort since everything should be invented from scratch. Besides, you can opt for a mixed style that combines standard and custom elements.


A native app may take up to 50 hours to be designed. On the other side, a custom app may require up to 80 hours.

Number of platforms & operating systems

It’s not only merely difficult but also absolutely unfeasible to create a universal design that will fit all platforms and operating systems like Desktop, mobile, tab, SaaS, Android, iOS. Each platform and the operating system requires specific adjustments so that the user feels natural during the interaction with your digital product. So, if you need a solution that will run on multiple platforms and operating systems, simply it will cost more.

Location of Designer or Agency

The location of the designer or the agency you want to hire matters in the cost. The average salary across 107 countries is $52,683, with the highest average being $100,890 in Switzerland. According to recent survey reports, the costliest regions are Europe, North America, and Australia. The region of the medium or reasonable cost for UX/UI design is the Asian countries. If you are looking for an optimal quality price, consider design agencies like Nurency Digital from Asia. Despite being equally skilled, As living is not so costly as that is in America or Europe they can help you to get the design at an affordable and reasonable cost.

How much UX design cost

It’s hardly possible to estimate the actual cost of UX design without analyzing certain project requirements thoroughly. Yet, I have tried to give you some ideas regarding the UX design cost with a rough summation. Here, let’s multiply hours by hourly rates and see the results.  

Time products can take to be designed

Website :50 – 200  hours

SaaS :100 – 500 hours 

Mobile app :70 –  300 hours

Hourly rates in different regions

Australia:  $70 – $120

Asia:  $30 – $70     

Europe:  $80 – $150 

America:  $100 – $200

The costs come out from multiplication

Website : $1,500 – $40,000  

SaaS    : $3,000 – $100,000

Mobile app : $2,100 – $30,000

Please don’t forget this is not something final or 100% perfect. This is just an approximate estimation to give you an idea of the cost of UX design. 

This is a round overview regarding the possible cost of UX design for various types of digital products. It provides you only a slight idea about how much your product may cost. If you want to know certainly what for and how much your product cost, please go to the contact page and follow the short instructions. You can expect to get the most reasonable and affordable budget for the best quality design from Nurency Digital. 

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