Agency vs Freelancer for Your Digital Products

In these fast-changing days of digitalization, companies, organizations, groceries and even local kitchen shops are in need of their own digital platforms. The first challenge is when people go to create a website, app, SaaS, or any other digital product for their business or organizations, they get confused about hiring designers. We struggle to make out that an agency would be better or a freelancer. This article will help a lot to make the right decision and hire the perfect one for a usable, enjoyable, and impactful design for your digital products. 

An Agency

An agency is a firm where multiple employees work. A design agency is composed of a group of employees of different expertise like UX research, UX design, Visual design, development, Communication, Product management, etc.  

Agency Pros

  • Wider skillset 
  • Design sprint 
  • Work faster
  • Can Handle both small and large projects
  • It works as a board of designers
  • Critics make more usable
  • Discussions help generate ideas
  • Members eyes discover the inferiors
  • Competitive and cooperative minds work better 
  • Many specialists / Micro specialists

Agency Cons

  • High price 

A Freelancer

A freelancer is a single person who works on a project remotely. There are a large number of freelancers in the various online marketplace. A freelancer is usually specialized in one particular area. Some Freelancers may have multiple skills but are not specialists in any of them. 

Freelancer Pros

Lower cost: 

You can hire a freelancer at a lower rate comparatively. However, this is not always true. If you want to hire highly skilled freelance designers, you have to spend more than an agency. Sometimes you don’t find them to work as a freelancer. Most of the renowned designers and developers have their own agency where they work as product managers to supervise the projects.

Ample involvement: 

Direct contacts ensure a high level of involvement. But maintaining both communications & projects can hamper the quality of the products.


A freelancer is specialized in a particular area. It’s a good point. On the other hand, a project needs several specialists to meet various requirements like user research, UX, visual, motion, graphics, and so on.  Only an agency can provide all these services for a complete design.

Freelancer Cons

  • No backup if the person gets sick or takes leave 
  • Limited capacity 
  • High Risk

My experience

Case One

Before joining Nurency Digital agency I used to work as a freelancer. I took projects from various platforms and the marketplaces like Dribbble and Upwork. Once I got an invitation to design a strategy planning project that was of pretty large scale. I took the project with enough confidence and courage but when I went to craft the wireframe I kept facing many kinds of complexities. I couldn’t generate ideas to produce functionalities and put them in the correct order. After struggling a lot alone I realized it would not be possible for a single person like me to accomplish the project. It needs cross teamwork to create a seamless user experience for it. Finally, I failed to do the project and my client postponed it with severe dissatisfaction.  

Case Two

In 2013 when I used to work as a freelancer, 5 or 6 projects were in progress and I became suddenly sick. My clients had tight timelines. The deadlines of many projects were passing but I didn’t get well. Eventually, It took more than 6 weeks to recover completely. As I was a freelancer and I had no team to back up, All my projects were nulled. My clients had a very bad experience.


Now I work in an agency, Nurency Digital Agency. There are my project manager and most senior designers to help me when I’m in trouble as well as team members to back up if I become unwell or I need leave.   

Do you have a project idea? Contact us for an affordable estimation to create your digital products that would not only look beautiful but also work well. We the Nurency Digital Agency prefer the design thinking process to create human-centered designs for digital products that users love to use because of functional and aesthetical pleasure

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